Wedding Caricatures

Better Than A Photobooth!

Wedding caricatures are such a unique and inexpensive way  to break the ice, entertain guests,
and capture those memorable moments you will all want to remember from your wedding reception with style.
Everyone has a phone with a camera these days, but no camera can capture your guests quite like a caricature.

Not only do your guests get live entertainment at your reception, they also get to take home
a customized piece of artwork from your wedding day to remember forever. 

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Quick, Hilarious Entertainment & A Party Favor!


– Caricatures can take about 2-5 minutes a person in black and white so plenty of your guests will be caricatured.
For larger groups I can bring a fellow artist along with me so more people can be drawn.

– Not only do caricatures create on the spot entertainment, but they double as a party favor that your guests will hold onto for a lifetime!

– Everyone can enjoy watching their friends and family get a caricature, even those that don’t get drawn.

Creating Memories To Last A Lifetime!


-Your friends and family won’t be able to get enough of the caricatures being drawn during your wedding reception;
 caricatures will keep the party and laughter going throughout the day or night, the line never ends.

– Even after the party is over your guests will remember all of the fun that they had every time they look at the caricature
they had drawn on your wedding day, the memories and laughter never end.

Personalize it!


– A custom emblem commemorating your wedding day can be printed on each caricature.
You can include your names, the date, time, location, and a graphic.
The paper can be customized any way you would like.

How Do You Want to Wow Them?

Digital caricatures or Hand Drawn? Either way your guests are going to love them.

Traditional Caricatures $150/ hr

– Drawn in Pen & Ink on high quality paper

– Drawings take 2-5 minutes/person so plenty of clients will be caricatured.

– Can be drawn in black and white, grayscale, or color.

– Customized paper is available in black and white or color.

– Matting options are available.

Digital Caricatures $250/ hr

– Displayed on 32″ monitor for maximum visibility.

– Can be drawn in black & white, grayscale, or color.

– Printed on 4″ x 6″ photo paper.

– Free customized paper.

-Digital downloads available.

– Matting options available

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