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Let Me Draw the Crowd to Your Booth

Get More Leads

Get More Leads

-Your booth will become a destination at your next trade show as guests line up around the corner to be caricatured,
giving you plenty of time to make a genuine connection with a new client.

Get More Leads

Stand Out & Spread Your Brand

-Caricatures are a personalized piece of trade show swag that your clients will hold onto, unlike most generically branded giveaways.

– With each caricature branded with your logo, website, and contact information your client will never forget you.

Go Digital

-Digital caricatures are displayed on a 32″ monitor to attract the most potential clients by providing more visibility and giving you the best results.

-Not only are digital caricatures printed out on the spot for instant advertisement,
but clients will get a digital copy of their caricature to have and share on their social media accounts
spreading the word even further than before.

-Digital caricatures can feature your logo printed in full color 
making you look your best at no extra cost.

How Do You Want to Wow Them?

Hand drawn or digitally? Either way your guests are going to love them.

Traditional Caricatures $150/ hr

– Drawn in Pen & Ink on high quality paper

– Drawings take 2-5 minutes/person so plenty of clients will be caricatured.

– Can be drawn in black and white, grayscale, or color.

– Branded paper is available in black and white or color.

– Matting options are available.

Digital Caricatures $250/ hr

– Displayed on 32″ monitor for maximum visibility.

– Can be drawn in black & white, grayscale, or color.

– Printed on 4″ x 6″ photo paper.

– Free branded paper.

-Digital downloads available.

– Lead information taken down for you.

-Badge holder & matting options available